Recovery is a non-profit community service organization that was founded in 1937 by the late Abraham A. Low, M.D. who developed the self-help method after many years of research, study and treatment of patients. The organization has been completely member-managed since 1952. Our international headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. There are hundreds of groups meeting each week throughout North America and abroad.

Current Sacramento Stuff

Just an FYI about our bank account name change and the checks that come to me (Nancy S), the area treasurer.  Headquarters asked us to change our bank account name from Recovery Inc., The Assoc. of Nervous & Former Mental Patients
to Abraham Low Self Help Systems.  Our new name has a better ring to it, I think. 
What that means is that the checks need to be made out to Abraham Low Self Help Systems, or ALSHS.  Leaders, can you please announce this at your meetings?  This can be started at your next meeting starting the week of April 18th.  The bank will accept checks made out to "Recovery Inc." for a while and for monies you have now, but I am looking to the future, especially May, etc.  Thanks very much.   And thanks also for sending your monies to me after your last meeting of the month so I can complete the "books." 
Please call or email me about any questions/changes you have.  I look forward to being the RI Sacramento Area 19 Treasurer, and working with all of you.
Nancy S.