Recovery is a non-profit community service organization that was founded in 1937 by the late Abraham A. Low, M.D. who developed the self-help method after many years of research, study and treatment of patients. The organization has been completely member-managed since 1952. Our international headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. There are hundreds of groups meeting each week throughout North America and abroad.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bonnie's Comment

This "blog", "website" is for all RI members in the Central Valley to read, post and comment to.  

 Please group leaders, let your group know about
Tell them to sign up to follow by email.  By following, they will receive an email when there a new post is made.   This is what the "Follow by Email" box looks like.

I am attempting to maintain a "SECURE" site.  We are not connecting to Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks because we have chosen to maintain some anonymity.  (Too much personal information is maintained on those sites.)

We have designed this to be as anonymous as possible.  There are no full names used or required to follow or comment.  There will not be a connection to Facebook because it reveals too much personal information.

Anybody can read, and request to follow, but only "Blog Authors" can add posts, such as meeting updates, spots, general sharing, whatever.  So, contact me to be added to the Blog Authors list.   There are two levels of authors.  Anyone with admin privileges can add you to the list as author.   (more info to follow.)


This should be a safe place for all area members to share. 

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